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  • Muktagacha College
    Upozila : Muktagacha
    District : Mymensingh
    Mobile :01717042456
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Muktagacha College, one of the leading colleges in Bangladesh, was established by the elite of Muktagacha in 1993 with a vision to create a quality education center. Muktagacha college offers students, from different walks of life, the advantages of an affordable and personalized education of the highest standard.

As a modern, dynamic and innovative institution for the Secondary and Higher Secondary students, Muktagacha College emphasizes on quality and classroom-based formal education imparted by a galaxy of highly qualified, dynamic and well-experienced department members.

Muktagacha College’s greatest resource in fulfilling its mission is its teaching staff of about 50 distinguished, studious and devoted teachers whose scholarly teaching experiences and skills enrich the student’s classroom environment.

To ensure quality education Muktagacha College is committed and equipped with modern infrastructural facilities, latest academic curricula, internet, well-furnished classrooms supported with portable sound system and multimedia projector, rich library, computer lab, most sophisticated science laboratories, student’s common room, prayer place, beautiful flower garden, debating, scouts, sports, literary, computer and English clubs, regular power and water supplies etc.

The learners of Muktagacha college experience a vibrant college community with a diverse range of academic offerings. Today Muktagacha College continues to soar both in its facilities and in the dimensions of its educational and extra-curricular activities. The goals of Muktagacha College are to ensure the relentless provision of the highest quality education at the Secondary and Higher Secondary levels according to the National Education Policy, to meet the needs of society, to create patriotic and educated citizens, to materialize digital management everywhere and above all to fulfil Muktagacha College’s role as one of the leading colleges in Bangladesh.